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Beauty Hack: Satin Sleepers
“I read about some beauty hacks online, pull a skeptical face and think ‘that can’t possibly work’. Case in point: DIY Oreo Mascara (just Google it). Silk pillow cases, however, kept popping up on various blogs as a way to improve the quality of your hair and skin. The idea is that the soft silk will not leave lines and wrinkles in your face and that the higher density of the weave means it will not absorb your skin care products thus making them more effective. Additionally, it should prevent hair from tangling and allows your hair to retain its natural oil thus leaving it healthier and shinier. As I stubbornly ignore the advice that you should sleep on your back, I wake up with folds or lines in my cheeks and forehead from sleeping with my face in my pillow. I ordered mine from the Dutch site Satin Sleepers and prepared to be disappointed… I hadn’t expected to like it this much, but I do. I immediately noticed a reduction of the sleep folds in my face and my skin is softer when I wake up, likely because my skin care products are absorbed by my face rather then the pillow. The texture of silk is not to everyone’s taste – I had imaged it would be too soft and slippery – but it is in fact very comfortable and pleasant to sleep on. I haven’t noticed a big improvement in the condition of my hair but is does seem to stop tangling during the night. It really is very simple to swap your normal pillow case for a silk one and I feel that it will be a great improvement for anyone who -like me- does not sleep on their back. This particular one from Satin Sleepers comes in a variety of colors for €17,50 but there are a lot of different brands out there.
Young But Succesfull

“We didn’t see any difference the first 2 weeks but after the 3th week we knew for sure IT REALLY WORKS. We tried the Satin Sleeper for a few weeks and our skin feels so soft, no wrinkles and no acne. Our hair is also free from tangles and split ends. All kind of celebs are spotted with the Satin Sleeper, and now we know why.”
lc Les Curieuses
“I’ve slept on a Satin Sleeper pillow-case for four weeks now and I have to admit, sleeping on it feels very nice and luxurious. my skin and hair haven’t dramatically changed since I’ve slept on a satin pillow-case, but I do notice some subtle changes and I will continue on sleeping on my Satin Sleeper, even if it’s just because it feels so nice!”

Dutch Reviews

“I was a bit sceptic when I heard about this beauty secret, but I must admit: I am convinced! I am pleased about the effect on my hair, but especially because of the feeling on my skin I am very enthusiastic about this product and I would definitely recommend it.”
“Satin Sleepers is definitely a great product; I barely suffer from impurities of pimples on my temples anymore. This is of course the part of your face that has most contact with a pillowcase during your sleep. But also besides my cheeck, on my jawline, I see a clear reduction.”
“My hair is less greasy. When I wake up my hair is a bit less like a bird’s nest. Because satin is very smooth and I spuddle a lot in my sleep, my skin is much less sore in the morning! No folds anymore. My skin is softer! Less ‘bumps’ on my temples (kind of sebum accumulation).”
Over Acne
“My pimples on my temples have gotten less and I notice that my skin is slowly recovering. It becomes calmer and that is great! The red spots seem to have become less red. I am also remarking that my skin is better hydrated which is nice, especially now. Besides my skin the satin has also been good for my hair: my hair is shining more.”
“I have been sleeping with this pillow for about 6 weeks now and what I have noticed is: Prevention of knots and tangles in the hair, shiny hair like never before, less greasy hair because of inhibition of sebum production, never folds in the face anymore after sleeping. I have become a Satin-o-holic!”

“I could not wait to test this ‘wonderproduct’ and I must admit you feel like a princess when your head touches the softness of the Satin Sleeper. I have chosen for black ones and I do not want without my shiny boys anymore.”