Satin Sleepers is more than a satin pillowcase

We spend one third of our life in bed. How great is it to condition your hair and skin while you sleep with a satin pillowcase? Regular cotton pillowcases have a very rough surface. Most people don’t realize the damage it can cause to your hair and skin! For example: tangled hair and knots, dehydration of your hair and skin, occurrence of spots and acne, excess oil production and wrinkles.

The word ‘satin’ comes from the Italian word ‘seta’, which means silk. Contrary to what most people believe, satin is not a type of fabric but a special weave. Because of this weaving technique the threads lie very close together, which creates a very soft, supple and shiny fabric with a smooth surface. In comparison to rough cotton pillowcases, a silky smooth satin pillowcase from Satin Sleepers is a real blessing for your skin and hair!

Satin is a weave that is used for many different fabrics that differ in quality. The Satin Sleepers can therefore not be compared with just any satin pillowcase! While normal pillowcases have 52 threads per inch, Satin Sleepers have no fewer than 80 threads per inch. Due to the special satin weave and our unique coating the Satin Sleepers pillowcases have many beauty benefits and cannot be compared to regular satin or silk pillowcases.

All the benefits of the Satin Sleepers:

– Prevents knots and tangles in hair –
– Shiny hair like never before
– Prevents the formation of split ends
– Increases the hydration of the hair
– Less greasy hair due to reduced sebum production
– Smooth skin because of the prevention of acne & pimples
– Stimulates the hydration of the facial skin
– Prevents the formation of sleep lines
– Promotes cell renewal of the skin and hair
– Prevents wrinkles from forming
– Additionally, our fabrics are incredibly comfortable

Many Dutch celebrities are already convinced of the benefits of the Satin Sleepers. All kind of Dutch celebrities, such as Miss Universe The Netherlands and Princess Inge, have been using  Satin Sleepers and have voiced their enthusiasm on many occasions. If you know that we spend a third of our lives in bed, why not make it part of our beauty ritual? Click on ‘Celebs’ in the menu bar to read their experiences.

Are you interested in reading complete and independent reviews about how Satin Sleepers prevent tangled hair, sleep wrinkles or acne? Go to ‘Reviews’ in the menu bar.


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