About the company

As many of you who are familiar with our social media channels know, Satin Sleepers is the initiative of a young entrepreneur. Renate Veugen is 21 years old and studied Business Economics at Tilburg University.

How did it all start?
“When I was 13 I came in contact with concepts such as ‘dropshipping’ and ‘affiliate marketing’. These concepts allowed me to conduct business without a need for a stock and therefore avoid any risks. This was ideal because my parents are not very familiar with entrepreneurship in general, and thought this was safer. Also because of my young age.
As I grew older and became interested in cosmetics and personal care, I found out that cotton pillowcases can be very damaging for the delicate facial skin and hair because of its rough surface. I slept one night on a smooth pillowcase made with a satin weave and received several compliments and questions from friends about why my hair was so shiny the next day! After I shared my beauty secret I had to get them satin pillowcases too. I realized there was a demand for silk cases, and this was the perfect opportunity to combine my two passions – beauty and entrepreneurship. This realization made me even more enthusiastic – and my enthusiasm fueled my drive!
It wasn’t long until Satin Sleepers went online with the help from my talented webdesigner/sister (see her website). I started out by sewing all the pillowcases myself, but despite the help from my mother and sister it soon became too much work! I therefore decided to sub-contract the sewing.

Satin Sleepers has grown immensely in the last two years. Satin Sleepers is now an official international registered beauty brand that has made its appearance in several magazines, has built a massive social media reach and has been Trending Topic on Twitter around primetime! The pillowcases are now made from a special satin weave with a unique coating that has many beauty benefits. The Satin Sleepers are available in the online webshop, as well as in high-end beauty and hair salons.

It didn’t take long before many Dutch celebrities found out about the Satin Sleepers beauty secret and shared their positive experiences on Twitter. Pauline Wingelaar, Princess Inge, Miss Universe Kim Kötter, Froukje de Both and Marlies Dekkers are enthusiastic Satin Sleepers. You can find reviews from celebs and several beauty websites under ‘Celebs’ and ‘Reviews’ in the menu bar.

I am honestly surprised that so many people are not aware of the consequences of a product that we use 8 hours per day, one third of our life. It is my passions to change this, and the many thankful emails and messages I receive from my customers motivate me even more to make that change happen!”

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Satin Sleepers is a brand name of LADY GADGET.
LADY GADGET is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.